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About us

Romanus & Selling was launched in 2019 by us, Susanna Romanus and Åsa Selling, and is part of the Bonnier Books group. With many years in the industry and experience from several leading publishing houses, we understand literature, the business and how to market and sell books. We named our new imprint Romanus & Selling to signal that we are accessible and personally engaged in the production of each and every book that we release.

We recognize and value skilled writers and their trade. Our job is to enhance already strong prose and to connect authors with the right audience. As part of Bonnier Books, we benefit from the resources of a large publishing house, while at the same time offering the personal interaction and agile organization of a small press. In our shop, every author feels special.

Romanus & Selling publishes fiction, novels and suspense titles as well nonfiction with a feminist focus. We choose manuscripts carefully and with passion, and are open to new expressions and formats. Whether novel or non-fiction, we devote the same attention and quality assurance control to all books as they move through the publishing process. Each author and new title can expect a major launch. We want to publish books that stand out by offering readers the season’s sharpest and most captivating stories.

First-time writers as well as established authors should feel welcome at Romanus & Selling. If you like the idea of knowing everybody at your publishing company and appreciate personal interaction – complemented by our extensive industry experience and passion for literature and culture – you will feel right at home with us.